To follow our work on a day to day basis, check our SEA US-CT Facebook page and Twitter. We welcome your feedback and new ideas.

SEA US-CT is a project of the Southeast Asian American Health Coalition of Connecticut and our partners from the UCONN Schools of Pharmacy, Social Work, and Medicine, as well as the Connecticut Health Foundation.

Our coalition includes members from the Cambodian, Lao and Vietnamese communities who came to the United States as refugees and who share the health problems associated with war, torture and genocide.  We have been working together for health equity for more than 15 years and are now focused on achieving three goals in Connecticut’s new health care system:

  1. Disaggregated health data that identifies us by our ethnicity and our language needs;
  2. Access to services in our own language with an understanding of our context and cultures; and
  3. Full engagement in our own health care through the support of community-based organizations and community health workers.

We believe that these three goals are essential to achieving good health in our communities, and we are inspired by the State of Connecticut’s commitment to health as a right of every citizen. Rights require the full engagement of citizens who participate in sharing knowledge, developing policies and inspiring communities to be active in their own care.

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